From our family to yours. Welcome to Sungani Lodge and Kulandila Camp. This is the culmination of a dream, hard work and a family affair.

S 13°27'55.69"
E 31°24'14.86"

A passion for Africa and each family member’s unique set of skills have wrought Sungani Lodge and Kulandila Camp. Transforming this area of the South Luangwa National Park from a state of neglect into something quite extraordinary.

The journey kicked off early in 2019. A father and son, along with a few local people, arrived near nightfall and had to spend the night in what were the old ruins of the site. The first few months had them sharing their accommodations with bats, snakes and various other creatures! Cooking on a fire, bread freshly baked in the ground, the story of Sungani had begun in this untouched corner of Africa.

By April the project was underway and many people from the local communities were employed again, or for the very first time. Everything: from the architecture and interior design down to the last detail on each scatter cushion has truly been a family collaboration and much of what you see has been created on site.

With Zambia being regarded as one of the last true wildernesses, we are deeply grateful that we have the privilege to call Sungani our home.

Every visitor helps to contribute towards the Sungani promise as we embark on this journey to become custodian and keeper – enabling us to give back in the years to come.

We are not one voice; we are a family that will continue to grow.

From Paul, Lynne, Darryl, Carly, Michael, and Jordan.