We aim to bring an experience that is unhurried, authentic, and deeply
emotive. As a family, we are dedicated to restoring and protecting Africa.


Keeping these precious spaces safe is at the heart of our intention. In time the effort will manifest in several ways.

A key factor to conservation is the way those of us who live in these wild spaces interact with the wild animals that too call this home. Human populations continue to increase, pressure on resources mounts and so it is crucial to invest in ways that allow for local populations to understand the benefis of anti-poaching and conservation.

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This begins with employment and skill transfer which in turn allows people to benefit from the wildlife. We hope over time to inspire young people from our local communities to join the fight against poaching through careers as safari guides, game scouts and in tourism-related careers. The empowerment of local communities through employment has started, and in the long term our goal is focused on transferring skills to school leavers.

As a family, we are dedicated to restoring and protecting Africa. When we first reached this place, the logistics were overwhelming. It had been written off as “too challenging, too remote.”

Then we felt the magic. From extraordinary wildlife encounters to vast untouched tracts of wilderness, we offer you the ability to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself and with nature. To get to know the wonderful, warm Zambian people: their heritage and culture.

The commitment is all-encompassing and never-ending, playing our small part in ensuring we are all the beneficiaries of a better world. Along with our partners in conservation, namely CSL, ZCP & DNPW, we are responsible for projects that will make a tangible difference for generations to come. Demonstrating through our actions that if we touch the earth gently and with respect, we will all pass on a better future for the people, flora and fauna of one of the few remaining places of natural wonder.